Quick Guide To Kitchen Accessories

If you are a gadget lover or simply love churning out a new dish each day, you may want to look at the various kitchen gadgets available in the market. You will be surprised to know that there is a gadget available for any and every kitchen task. Let us have a look at a few of these gadgets.

You may want to look at power mixers if you like mixing up your drinks. These mixers are quite compact in size and operate on batteries. So you can quickly churn up a frothy latte or hot chocolate anytime anywhere.

A deep fat fryer is the perfect gadget for you if you are a fried chicken or French fries lover. You can easily cook up a tasty treat of chicken or battered fish with this gadget without the regular hassles of a frying pan.

All you bread lovers need to have a bread maker. This gadget bake fresh bread for you in no time at all. You can make your breads from scratch by putting in the ingredients and pushing a few buttons. In about an hour your bread will be ready.

So there is a cool kitchen gadget available for each cooking style.

Top hacks to make your life easier if you are a new chef in the kitchen!

Cooking is an interesting but not an easy task. It needs a lot of hard work and a focused approach to create delectable dishes. In fact, some people consider cooking as an art. Right from sourcing suitable ingredients to prepare for cooking, from sautéing, frying, kneading, cutting, chopping to serving, it entails a lot of work. Some secret tips and hacks will not only help you save a lot of time but also help in making a lot of preparation activities easier and better streamlined. If you are interested in cooking but a newbie in the kitchen, following hacks can help you make your work easier.

Hack # 1

Baking Bacon can become simpler than ever by using a high-quality oven by Glen India. This high-tech appliance allows you to bake bacon with even consistency and exactly as you would love to have it. There are going to be no raw ends which are quite annoying at times. Trying to bake them results in other parts getting over cooked. This problem can be avoided by preheating an oven and baking it at 400 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Preheating the oven is the key to ensure even consistency.

Hack # 2

If you wish to use bread in one of your recipes, but unfortunately the bread available at home is stale, what would you do? It is not yet time to relegate this piece of bread to bread pudding as it has still some chances of revival. You just need to place a slightly moist paper towel in the microwave and place the bread pieces on it. Microwave it for 15 seconds blasts till it becomes soft. You can even use your Glen oven and keep it suspended for 5-10 minutes over a pan of water. It is recommended to pre-heat oven for a while to get best results.

Hack # 3

If you are one of those whose day doesn’t begin without a piping hot latte, this hack is meant just for you. You just need to froth up coffee mixed milk in your Glen microwave, shake it gently in the mason jar and microwave it again to warm it. In no time, you will get a latte that is going to give coffee shop latte a run for its money.

Hack # 4

You love waffles but don’t have a waffle iron to make tasty waffles? No problem, you can use a grill pan and create wavy pancakes with exactly the soul and texture of a waffle.

Hack # 5

You want to prepare a corn-based recipe but don’t know how to shuck corn? No worries, make use of your Glen microwave. You just need to cut off the corn stalk, just an inch above the last line or row or kernels and microwave it for two to four minutes. Holding the un-cut portion, remove and squeeze the husk.

The above hacks can make your life as a cook simple and hassle-free. Just follow them and whip up delicacies of your choice.

Kitchen Appliances: Why Buying Local is Best

One of the biggest consumer movements to gain traction in the Okanagan, besides online shopping, is buying from and supporting small, local businesses. This movement has become a sense of pride among many locals. It’s given them the power to keep their hard-earned dollars in the local economy while feeling good about supporting their fellow Vernonites.

When it comes to finding the best brands in home appliances, many homeowners are looking for a local retailer instead of running into a big box store. If you’ve always wondered what the difference is between the two, we’re here to help. Here are just a few of the reasons why buying local kitchen appliances is better than picking them up at a big box store.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Appliances for Your Home

Choosing the right kitchen appliances for your new build or renovation can be a bit tricky. There’s a lot to consider, like what are the top kitchen appliances in the marketplace right now, and what appliances will work best in the home. Often, these two questions go hand-in-hand.

Appliances, on their own, do not make a kitchen, but they are one of the more important aspects of the space. Here are a few ways you can make those tough decisions a little easier:


Do you want a gas, electric, or induction cooktop? Deciding this before going appliance shopping can narrow down your options significantly. This choice should be more personal than aesthetic, unless you’re not much a cook and prefer the way a gas range looks as opposed to an electric cooktop.


A newer trend that’s been appearing in many kitchens throughout the Okanagan is the emergence of dual ovens. Although this trend has been around for a long time, it’s starting to become much more popular. If you find yourself preparing lots of large meals or baking a variety of different cakes and cookies in one go, dual ovens may be right for you. If your baking and cooking needs are a little simpler, one oven will work just fine.


Range hoods come in a variety of different styles. Besides choosing a hood that’s adequate for your cooktop, you’ll also want to consider the way it will look in your new kitchen design. You can even choose what kind of finish the hood comes with. Steel, built-in, and glass are all popular choices at the moment.


Refrigerators are one of the most important appliances in the kitchen, and they’re also the most difficult to pick. The aesthetic options are endless as are the features. Some of the things to consider include:

• Freestanding or built-in

• Finish: stainless steel, coloured, or fully integrated

• Ice machine and water dispenser

• Coffee or hot water dispenser

• French door, top freezer, bottom freezer, or side-by-side configuration

Once you determine what style and finish you prefer, you’ll have a much easier time picking a model for your home.

3 Big Trends in Kitchen Appliances Happening Right Now

Over the decades, the home kitchen has evolved. It’s transformed from a closed in space containing a simple stove and sink into a large, open area featuring top-of-the-line kitchen appliances.

However, there have been a few recent trends taking over kitchens and homes across the Okanagan.


This hot and handy item is popping up in Vernon and Kelowna appliance stores. The most popular one is the Big Green Egg barbeque. This system uses charcoal as it’s main heat source, and it can be used year-round, which is perfect for the upcoming winter season in front of us.

The Big Green Egg comes in six different sizes, can reach a maximum temperature of 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit, and responds to temperature adjustments amazingly well. Add in some smoking chips, and you can help drastically change the flavour of your grilled food.


A few years ago, stainless steel kitchen appliances were all the rage. From refrigerators to dishwashers, and everything in between, stainless steel finishes dominated kitchens everywhere. Because stainless finishes can be more challenging to clean, we’re seeing many homeowners return to more traditional black and white finishes.

Fortunately, for those still riding the stainless steel bandwagon, appliance companies like Whirlpool have just released a black stainless steel finish that’s resistant to fingerprints and perfectly in line with today’s black and white appliance trend.

Not all home appliances are big on this trend, however. We’re also seeing a lot of different coloured laundry appliances in Okanagan homes. Laundry duos in red, blue, white, grey, and black are all really popular right now too.


Due in appliance stores in Kelowna and Vernon any day now are the newly updated smart appliances.  With things like voice command, Wi-Fi connectivity, and smartphone apps, these appliances are unlike anything else on the market.

With the new technology, you can adjust the temperature of your oven with the help of your smartphone when you’re away from home, or just simply ask your fridge to drop in temperature a few degrees. Pretty neat, don’t you think?

7 Tips to Prep Kitchen Appliances for the Holiday Season

Now that the Halloween decorations are starting to come down, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming Holiday season. From decorating your home to ticking off names on your Christmas shopping list, there’s a lot to do in the coming weeks.

In an effort to keep you organized (in the kitchen at least) we’ve compiled seven tips to get those kitchen appliances ready for the upcoming holiday season demands.


This is by far the most important tip of all! Before you even begin planning this year’s festivities, you’ll want to draw up a to-do list first. There’s no better way to tackle this important first step than with a glass of your favourite winter red in one hand and a pen in your other.


To get yourself prepared for the onslaught of holiday baking and cooking, start off on the right foot with clean, uncluttered kitchen countertops. You’ll not only love the extra space for cookie decorating and meal prep, you’ll probably need it too.


Before packing the fridge full of holiday feast food items, give it a really good clean. Start by removing old forgotten left overs and expired condiments, then give it a good scrubbing. This is also an excellent time to check seals, replace burnt out lights and water filters, and clean the cold air vents.


With the amount of baking and cooking you’ll most likely be doing, it’s important to check the levels of your spice rack. There’s nothing worse than running out of ginger, cinnamon, or cloves while preparing your famous gingerbread man cookie recipe.


Your oven and stovetop are going to be in high demand soon, so it’s a good idea to clean these two appliances before then.  While you’re at it, it’s not a bad idea to ensure your kitchen ventilation system is in perfect working condition too.


Since most people pride themselves on their Christmas china, it’s a good idea to pull it out well in advance since it’s only used once a year. Make sure all the pieces are accounted for then give it a good wash. When Christmas dinner rolls around, you’ll feel much more prepared knowing this step has already been taken care of.


The last thing you want to do is carve a turkey with a dull knife. Pull out that knife sharpener and get to work well before the holiday season rolls around. You’ll be so thankful you did when you’ve got a table full of hungry bellies waiting for you and your perfectly prepared turkey dinner.