Rallison Stainless Steel LPG Gas Stoves

Quality, sturdy steel constructions ensure the great service that the four LPG stoves would deliver during all the drama and ups and downs of family or business life. Pressure cookers and LPG stoves have been the traditional kitchen lifestyle for millions of homes across several decades. The rust proof heavy steel body brings the confidence of solid performance through the years. Life, work and study become difficult if we are constantly worried that things would go wrong. Have faith in our sterling reputation.

Choose between single and double burners. Gem has a single burner while the double burner has three configurations – Leo, Royal and Diamond. Performance may be everything but designs are also important in a product that we work with each day. Great efforts have been made to anticipate customer preferences and the design is custom made, according to the wishes of the majority of customers. Gem would suit bachelors and workers who have learned the fundamentals of cooking. Most families would opt for two-burner versions that serve the purpose of cooking dishes for an average sized family or in small eateries.

In each case, a two-year warranty covers exigencies and the ISI standard is a replication of a government approved standard quality.  The brass burners are absolutely energy efficient and the LPG cylinder is going to last very long with no wastage.

Among the four choices, Leo is a two-brass burner stainless steel LPG stove with a two-year warranty that carries the ISI seal. A heavy gauge steel body ensures solid strength during the many hours of cooking each day. The pan supports for cooking vessels are vitreous enamel coated for additional protection.