Rallison Mixer Grinder

The svelte colours and appealing range of designs take the breath away! Just imagine how happy you would be to operate these cute little machines each day. Cooking and hosting parties got so much easier now with so many more dishes easily prepared with all the mixing jobs quickly done. The hallmark of quality distinguishes each of them and soon the difference in the kitchen and the cooking would be apparent after you invest in one. Homes and restaurant kitchens cannot do without them. Juices and chutneys, lassi and so much more are now instantly possible, hygienically prepared rather than the manual procedures followed in the past. Technology has made the difference and we are constantly updating.

Rocky, Magic and Eon 48, Stylo, Colors and Royal Dix are some of those stylish little cute mixer grinders it would be such a joy to possess. Besides functionality, fashion and colours make such a great difference. The same is true of food, good food needs to look delicious too besides being tasty!

Royal Dix in an attractive lavender or green shade works on 750 watts and offers three jars, carries a two year warranty with the ISI label, a symbol of trust. The heavy duty motor comes with a 100% copper winding motor. Designs were incorporated according to customer preferences revealed through research and thus the product was engineered for your sake. No doubt remains that customers would be fully satisfied with many years of perfect service. The small things of life matter so much!