Rallison Non Stick Cookware

No matter what type of LPG stove you might use, you still need advanced cookware and the sleek and stylish Non-Stick Cookware nowadays available have made cooking a happy fantasy! Not only are we pleased at the unique, colourful designs, but they are so much more fast and efficient besides being healthy and cost effective. Our range of non-stick cookware includes the dosa tawa and flat tawa, fry pan, kadai and appachetty. Also available are the paniyarakal and patri tawa. Each of these and the three-piece gift set would make very practically useful presents to mark special occasions!

Built of Virgin Heavy Gauge Aluminium, they have a three-layer non-stick coating and are metal spoon friendly too. Handles are sturdy. The sleek designs are made for easy grasping and superior performance. It is time to say goodbye to older utensils that would not be so effective, especially in large family groups and shorter time frames when cooking is a race against time. Businesses also use our products on a large scale in hotels, restaurants and eateries.

The three-piece gift set would suit a small family. String and sturdy handles along with a 3 mm thickness of Virgin Heavy Gauge Aluminium indicate a durable product to last and last. A three-layer non-stick coating makes cooking so much easier without a mess. A one-year warranty protects your interests.

Paniyarakal cookware helps you prepare a variety of recipes, eleven pieces in all! The same criteria are specifically followed like the sturdy handles, a 3 mm thick Virgin Heavy Gauge Aluminium body, a three-layer non-stick coating, backed up with a one-year warrantee.