Rallison Pressure Cooker

The tremendous advantages of a pressure cooker have uplifted billions of kitchens across the world along with LPG stoves for a few decades! Food is cooked faster and healthier with less drudgery, leaving more time for work and study. Cooking food at a higher temperature is healthier and in a vacuum ensures that taste and flavour are not lost. Being cost effective, pressure cookers can reach every home. Technology has improved upon the original design and added several features like the induction base. Attractive designs and colours make them pleasurable to use on a daily basis.


We manufacture several varieties of Pressure Cookers with the latest technology and offer them individually and in gift sets along with pans, tawas and gas lighters for a kitchen package. The range includes the Deluxe and the Induction Base, the Combo Gift 2 in 1 (small and big) and the Combo Gift 6 in 1. Each part of the pressure cooker and the non-stick cookware is highly researched and perfected through experience. The vast demand for our products is proof that we have succeeded with our efforts, but research continues to improve continually.


Induction Base Pressure Cooker carries the ISI seal of excellence and comes with a two-year warranty. You have a choice between the 3-litre and 5-litre versions, depending upon the size of the family. Some larger families may need both. Eateries also widely use our pressure cookers.

Combo Gift 6 in 1 conveniently combines a 3-litre pressure cooker with a mini pan, 3 mm tawa, knife, peeler and gas lighter, and offers a one-year warranty.