Rallison Roti / Chapati Maker

If you are not using our super roti maker, you are missing something! The daily kitchen labour of preparing a large number of rotis or chapattis can now be so much simplified, faster and better during the rush hour. The rotis turn out to be so much better, evenly laid out and in a perfect round shape as compared to the manual rolling. The roti maker is an attractive small and compact unit that can be easily transported and works wherever you can connect to a power outlet.

Our cute little high achieving Roti Maker comes with a non-stick coating and a Stainless Steel outer body. Automatic controls and power indicator ensure ease of operation. A one-year warranty sets your mind at rest.

Just imagine the difference. You might have laboured for many years with the traditional manual roti and chapatti making in large numbers several times a day, at breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is time to make a change, but we hesitate when it comes to changing lifestyles. A demonstration would quickly convince you of the supreme efficiency of this new gadget that prepares rotis in seconds! The roti does not sick either and comes out in a perfect round shape.

In the traditional method, rotis were first baked on the tawa and then roasted over the naked flame. There is no need for such procedures anymore. The roti maker will complete the entire operation quickly, neatly and completely. You will be happy you made the roti maker choice for many, many years of happy roti and chapatti making.