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Rallison Stainless Steel Flask

A convenient flask of an average size of 500 ml or 1000 ml has become compulsory in the busy life of work and travel on a daily basis. They would also be frequently used to carry tea and coffee for parties and picnics. Larger flasks are not so handy and the risk of breakage is always present. Our 3 mm thick stainless steel flasks are metal spoon friendly and carry a three-layer coating to maintain the temperature inside. Heat is retained for as long as twelve hours. A strong and sturdy handle along with a one-year warranty brings all the advantages.

The sleek design ensures attractiveness and the dangers of spilling are minimised by clever designs. The body is strong and the cover serves as a drinking cup that makes its use so very easy. The smaller 500 ml flask would serve most needs of an individual or two persons. The 1000 ml flask would be required for family use if children are present.

A major advantage of such flasks is that it preserves the taste and flavour of the tea and coffee. When they are heated again, the taste is no longer so refined. Carry the stainless steel flask carefully in bags and baskets though there is no chance of breakage. Avoid dropping it on a hard floor.

A stainless steel flask or two have become a common part of a family life for the parents and children who travel daily and sometimes long distances to work or study. Most food baskets would contain such a flask for essential uses, especially in cold weather.

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