Rallison Wet Grinders

Kitchen appliances have been evolving and diversifying just as technology is booming. We are getting bigger, better and faster at just about everything. The traditional manual stone grinder has become today’s Wet Grinder that  serves lots of useful purposes. Instead of getting powdered stuff from the shop, you can grind stuff yourself for maximum purity and satisfaction, free from adulteration.

Pride, Glory and Jumbo are the three choices among Wet Grinders and each of them deserves a place of honour in your home or small restaurant establishment. They would quickly  and easily, reliably and efficiently carry out all the wet grinding jobs and come in very handy when you have to race against time with cooking jobs. The stones work very well indeed and gone are the days when you had to work everything by hand. Cooking now is more relaxed with machines doing a lot of the rough work and so much better too.

Elegant designs and catchy colours bring a lot of aesthetic satisfaction and make the work so much more joyful. Though many of the same functions are carried out with a mixer grinder, larger quantities can be worked on in the wet grinder. Thus, get your idli and dosa mixes ready so fast, dal paste made easily and cake mixes too ready in a jiffy. There seems to be no limit to the recipes you can prepare and the internet contains so many of those alluring cook books. No hesitation, then, even if you have to get together large parties with the Wet Grinder in service.

Jumbo comes with a five-year warranty and includes an atta kneader and coconut scraper. The stainless steel drum has a poly carbonate transparent lid with an attractive cherry finish.