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All products are custom manufactured to suit the customer’s requirements.

Aesthetic Kitchen Appliances that Brighten Moods and Productivity Sky High

Time, durability, price and performance make the final decisions, and Rallison possesses all the correct hallmarks. A range of high performance and enduring kitchen appliances marketed with excellent response in Bangalore, Karnataka and neighbouring states is convincing proof of a company that observes superior business rationale, ethics and philosophy.

Reliability and supreme efficiency are assured and covered by our product warranties. Workers and machinery combine to roll out an immense variety of Home and kitchen appliances that deliver fabulous results, being cost-effective, made with diligent hands, and aided by superior technology. Besides, dedicated business practices keep us geared towards customer satisfaction with the ongoing research into customer preferences. We are constantly reinventing ourselves and updating models and designs to keep up with newly emerging trends.

In addition to appliances that make kitchen labour so much more meaningful and reduce the drudgery in every home, we manufacture ceiling, table and pedestal fans. The kitchen range includes pressure cookers, glass cooktops, wet grinders, mixer grinders, roti makers and non-stick cookware with several other products like stainless steel flasks, LPG Stoves and gas lighters. With each of our products, we ensure peace of mind in terms of excellent performance for several years to come while you toil within the family or professionally in an immensely competitive world.No business can succeed without exceptional dedication to customer services, and demand is the force that constantly keeps us on our toes. Besides, we have taken up the challenges of new technology, sleek design and advanced performance. We wish to diversify further in our search for excellent quality and superior services to the client base. Also visit best casino ever


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Best Of Stainless Steel Stove

Best Of Flat Tawa


Flat Tawa 3mm

MRP : 850/-


Flat Tawa 4mm

MRP : 1,015/-


Flat Tawa IB 4mm

MRP : 1,132/-


Large Tawa 4mm

MRP : 1,110/-


Roti Tawa 4mm

MRP : 1,015/-


Pathri Tawa 5mm

MRP : 2,047/-

2 PC Gift Set

2 PC Gift Set

2 PC Gift Set

MRP : 1,295/-

Best Of Kadai & Panyarkal

Kadai Popular 240mm

MRP : 1,242/-

Kadai IB 240mm

MRP : 1,365/-

Kadai IB 260mm

MRP : 1,465/-

kadai_RS 060

Kadai IB 280mm

MRP : 1,717/-


Panyarkal 9pits

MRP : 1,075/-


Panyarkal 11pits

MRP : 1,207/-

3 PC Gift Set

3pc_gift_set_RS 074

3 PC Gift Set

MRP : 2,625/-

Frequently Asks Questions

The best kitchen appliances are always the ones that will cut down on your efforts and make your life easier. We have filtered a few of them for you. You can check them out and also, their uses to make sure you are choosing the right one that you will needing on daily basis. We are positive that you will love to use them. All of these appliances will cut down on your long hours of work and you’ll have fun using them too. We hope that list of products will helpful to you to make the right decision. We would also appreciate you queries regarding the Kitchen Appliances.

To cook the best dishes, you will require several hours of work and that bring to you best kitchen appliances that will help you reduce the hours of work and also enjoy it while you cook. These products will help you make your food healthier and delicious too.  Also, are great investment.  These products have been listed accordingly, you know their uses and working process. They are pretty easy and you will enjoy working with them. They make your life easier in the kitchen, as it is the most essential part of your household.


Commercial Kitchen appliances are known for their safety, and also they reduce the time and effort you put into it. There are several kitchen appliances that are very easy to use and come with the best safety measure that will keep you from any harm. If you choose to buy any appliances, you must make sure that you check all the available details before purchasing the product.Also, make sure to ask for the warranty and safety details that concern you; it will make it easier for you to make the right decision. Most of the kitchen appliances these days work with the help of electricity. Ensure that you lookout for the warnings too.
Commercial Kitchen appliances represent a modern kitchen, the one that will have you enjoying them every day. Cooking should also be about enjoying while you cook, or you will just see it as a duty. If you choose to purchase any commercial kitchen appliances, you will save a lot of effort and add a modern touch to your kitchen. They have good durability and great warranties too. They are safe and easy to use compared to the other old, traditional kitchen appliances. You can find them with modern and classy designs that will look great in your kitchen. You sure will love to have them in your kitchen space. We hope you enjoy cooking with them too.
 Kitchen is the best space to work in your household. Most of the homemakers spend hours in the space to cook for their families. So, what's better than to make your lives easier with commercial kitchen appliances. They help you save time and spend a reasonable amount on purchasing the appliances. The appliances are of great quality and are safe to use at home. They come with instructions and safety measures that will guide you through the process of using them. They usually run on electricity, make sure to keep them away from the reach of children. We hope that this will help you choose the best commercial kitchen products.


Kitchen is the most important part of a house. Healthy food is a priority in any household. Kitchen appliances tend to be a priority a little higher than the home appliances that are a basic need. Kitchen appliances, on the other hand, are really essential for your everyday needs. It is a way better investment as they come with the best warranty and are also durable for a long time. For healthier food and better well being, you must consider purchasing the best products for the betterment of your family. The quality and the durability matter a lot when it comes to buying kitchen products.

Home appliances are not an essential need in your daily life as much as kitchen appliances. If you want to invest in a healthier future, kitchen appliances with good quality and durability is a great pick. You have a lot of options to choose from and they will make your life easier and also save you a lot of time and effort. You will not have to toil for hours in the kitchen and get along with your day.  A healthier kitchen is a healthier you in the future, so kitchen appliances that help you enjoy cooking and make the food hygienic are the best ones to choose. Also, it will enhance the outlook of your kitchen with its modernity and class. 


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