Kitchen colour Combinations

kitchen color

Blend contrasting hues in kitchen cabinets, walls, flooring, and accessories to create your preferred colour palette. Your kitchen should be an interpretation of your personal style, and colour is one of the most reliable ways to inject character into space. 

Your choices for adding colour to your kitchen, nearly every surface, but it is essential to get the proportions right. For a no-regrets strategy, choose neutral tones for the foundational components that are more costly and challenging to replace, including floors, countertops, cabinets, and appliances. Then add colour with less-expensive updates to the walls, window treatments, lighting, backsplash, and other accents. With this approach, you can quickly and affordably trade out your kitchen colour scheme as your judgments and popular trends change. When choosing colours for the paint, accessories, and surfaces, start with one hue you prefer and look for corresponding colours that will mix well.

Combining colour is the best way to stir things up in the kitchen—no construction, no renovation, just paint. Whether you’re a beige kind of person or someone who prefers a pop of anything active, there are gorgeous paint colours to help you begun. Strike up your cabinets with bright blues, greens and reds, or ground an ample space with a soothing grey or white… No matter what your colour preferences or if you’re totally baffled for inspiration—we have here paint colour ideas for your kitchen, and tips to guide you. 


Pastels are a bunch of colours that never go out of fashion. This year will be no exemption to this criterion. In fact, the designers expect to see more pastel colour combinations in future. Nevertheless, the trend here will be to set pastels with solid textures in monochrome or natural shades.

Opt for cabinets or cupboards in light pastel shades and add intensity with a backsplash made of textured terracotta floorings or Moroccan tile flooring. The result is quite dramatic without being altogether heavy. 

Why not begin your cooking time more happening with lovely pastel drama? 

Soft and subtle pastels like blush pink and light blue can give off a pale, sophisticated look.

Black and Metal

Most of you wish to have a kitchen that is easy to maintain, which doesn’t require too much cleaning. Therefore, black kitchens will be a great choice in the future. While it is a rich colour, black needs a dose of metallic emphasis to glam it up. Hence, black with metallic, especially copper accents, will be rather a hit pair.

Having copper handles on black furniture and attach plenty of copper coloured lights. Furthermore, black completely eats up the natural light so, ensure that there is adequate natural and artificial light in your kitchen. 

White and Natural Hues

Natural wooden tones will be a trend in future. Additionally, loft-style industrial kitchens are making a recovery. Therefore, white sprinkled with grainy wooden tones is another colour sequence that should stand out in the future.

Darker colours always look good on lower cabinets. Naturally, we suggest you use wooden colours for the base and whites for uppermost cabinets. Alternatively, you can have block countertops and dark wooden flooring in an all-white kitchen.

Yellow, Grey and White

Choose grey base cabinets in solid finish and yellow wall cabinets in a bright finish. You can have an all grey cabinet with a vigorous yellow backsplash in lacquered glass. 

Yellow is a vibrant shade that lightens up any room and reminds you of sunshine. You can never be dull or gloomy in a kitchen like this, no matter how small space is! If you wish to, cast down the brightness with whites, greys or neutral shades.

Red and Silver Grey

Make your kitchen exciting with deep red cabinetry and a silver-grey combination. Cooking as an art is dramatic, loud and intense, after all! You can try any accent of red – rustic crimson, cherry red, paprika or more.

Modern Whites

Crisp whites give you a clean, present, no-mess look. Go for a classic all-white kitchen if you’re a careful cleaner. Ensure that you use materials that are simple to clean and don’t dirty easily.

Grey and Purple

Purple can be a bold and dramatic choice in a kitchen. With the right combination of colours, the effect is majestic and impressive. When matched with a deep charcoal grey, for instance, purple doesn’t seem quite as loud. A neutral base helps royal purple shades stand out without overwhelming the space. Balance vibrant, royal colours with loads of white.

Black and White

Black and white form a pure, balanced kitchen colour combination. Make use of the timeless colour pair by matching white foundational elements with black shades. Moreover, amp up visual interest by combining a black-and-white wallpaper, backsplash, or tile flooring.

Shades of Blue

Design a timeless kitchen colour combination by mixing several shades of blue. Start with a lighter hue on bigger elements like walls, cabinets, or the backsplash. Then add darker blues through seating, rugs, dishware, or window treatments. Make sure the blues have related undertones, some warmer than others to avoid clashing.

Green and Metal

Green kitchens when applied in large portions on cabinetry or walls, lighten the mood. Brighten up a drenched shade by incorporating reflective white surfaces, like flooring and stone, as well as metallic gold accessories, such as cabinet faucets, hardware, and light fixtures. The shiny finishes will bounce light and add a bit of sparkle to your kitchen.

Unnecessary to say, you’ve got to pick the right colour sequence that works for your character and fashion. Let it set the expression and the ideal backdrop for beautifully cooked meals, love, and fun around them.

One of the steps to make a huge impact is to paint your kitchen cabinets is to paint them according to the shades of the walls. Whether it’s painting a dark wood or a bright white to brighten your space. You can take white cabinets to a dark, saturated tone that creates a friendly, cosy kitchen, or even a new coat of a shiny yellow or blue to add a stroke of personality, changing the colour of your kitchen cabinets will immediately transform your room.

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