Positive Energy Home Door

Positive energy in home

Vastu shastra improves a living space according to the principles of peace and energy flow. The main door of a residence is the entrance point for energy. 

In Vastu, one of the first areas to look inside your home is the main door. You must have a strong front door so that you can embrace positive energy. When positive can flow easily into your house, this energy brings along wealth and security. 

The main door refers to the formal, official front door of the home. It’s also pointed to as the mouth of “chi” or positive energy portal. Few homes may have secondary doors that are used regularly. This is okay; however, the mouth of positive energy is your regular front door. 

If you do not use it, you are blocking out energy and possibilities. Hence, it’s vital to activate your front door regularly. You can do this by easily opening and walking through it at least once or twice every seven days. Every day is better. Make it a bit of your routine, like when you go to a shop, always walk past the front door.

Main Door Supervision

The hardware on the main door is added area that is often underestimated. When you have a moment to spare, open your front door from both insides as well as outside. If you notice any troubles opening the door, such as the door or lock holding, if the hinges squeak, they require lubricant; maybe the hardware needs polishing, and you have to ensure everything is in operating order, also the doorbell.

All these secondary obstacles influence you in your daily life. Just like a rock can be crumbled away by tiny drops of water over time, these problems add up and affect your everyday well-being. People speed and rush through so several things in our life now, they may not consciously notice. But paying attention to these tiny details provides comfort and relaxation. 

Keep the front door clean and tidy. 

Of all the spaces in your home, the front door area is probably one of the most neglected when it comes to dirt and regular cleaning. 

When was the last time you washed down your front door, including the inner side, the outer side, and the edge? 

Incredible sums of dirt collect at the front door. Giving this section more attention makes sure that positive energy can enter your home.

The entry region also serves to be a place where all sorts of clutter accumulate. There are shoes, coats, and bags of things ready to go off to contribution, bags of trash, mail and parcels, the list goes on and on. This forms stagnation and closes off your portal for good energy from accessing your home. Moreover, your ignorant mind sees this clutter every time you get into your home. It’s not calming, and it creates tension.

Appearance of the Main Door 

Get rid of any sharp or pointed things directed toward the main door and watch out for structural details that create Vastu challenges. If your main door is aligned directly with a different exterior door or window, place a Vastu faceted crystal ball or a part of furniture halfway in between the two. 

A wall or staircase directly followed by the front door and less than five feet away forms a block in positive energy. You can clear up the energy by directing the focus to the right or left of the wall or steps with attractive objects like colourful fresh and fragrant flowers or a dazzling piece of art.

Brighten up the Main door

Light is essential in the main door area because it draws in the fire element, which is recognized and how you’re noticed in the world. You want to see and be viewed with clarity and brightness like the star. 

To lighten your entry, clean the bright fixtures as dirt prevents the light from reflecting through. The same goes for all glass in or around the door. Clean it to allow the most sunlight through. Paint the ceiling with a bright flat white colour. You can also replace the bulb with a higher wattage dimmable bulb or add extra light fixtures if possible.

The main door area doesn’t have to have light fixtures in the most essential setting. It’s more about the potential for light and transparent seeing.

Open the flow of positive energy.

Don’t neglect the path to your main door. Take a few moments and walk outside your main door all the way to the road. Picture a friend visiting you for the very first time. Copy and Walk the tracks your friend would make to your main door from the road to see what they would notice. Is the path to the front door bright and clear, and can you see the house or flat number clearly? Is the front door covered in any way, or are there any difficulties along the path? Does your doorbell operate properly, and is it quick to find and use?

Is there trouble? Would your friend or family member get into any trouble looking for it? If they can’t find your front door, good energy, success, and possibilities will also have a challenging time reaching you. Do what you can to plan a clear path to the main door so you have all the abundant qi heading your way.

What to Avoid from Front Entry Doors?

  • Avoid having anything defective or anything that needs repair.
  • Check your mailbox regularly and make certain you have removed the rejected packages.
  • Eliminate all the clutters from the front entrance by using the cabinet near the front door.
  • Fix everything if there are any electrical problems in the front door area; usually, it happens with the doorbell.
  • Do not have any dim lights in the front entrance. It is excellent if there are windows near the front door, and make sure to clean the window glasses every now and then.

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