Roti Maker : Types and Benefits

Roti Maker

What is a Roti Maker?

An electronic gadget that makes rotis and saves a lot of time, effort and energy is called a Roti Maker. It is a simple and easy process; it requires electricity and minimal effort. It requires only a few simple steps; first, you will have to place a small portion of the mixed dough on the lower plate of the roti maker, and with the help of the upper plates weight, it gets flat and cooks evenly. 

We are aware that you would enjoy a decent warm roti offered with a curry or with a generous spoon of ghee. Every Indian family member makes rotis for everyone during supper. Be it for breakfast or lunch or dinner, it is enjoyable any time of the day. The rotis come in handy when you have less time or need a suitable dish to go with the hot curry or just to enjoy a brisk breakfast roll. 

To make it effortless, the recipes and methods that can be used to pair up with rotis are infinite. Yet, rather than wasting energy in making perfect round rotis, you can try the best roti maker. It saves time and results in delicious fleecy rotis.

Roti Maker spares your time, energy, and money. There’s barely any difference between the roti made in a Roti Maker and homemade roti, so this is definitely the best option. The advantages of using a good-quality Roti Maker are various.

Types of Roti Maker

Roti-making appliances have been around for quite a long time and have evolved with advancements in modern technology. Depending on the level of automation they produce, the most common ones in the market right now can be classified into the following divisions: 

Manually functioning Roti Maker :

If you are looking to purchase a roti maker you will be enlightened by the many examples and varieties you can find on google, and one such variety is the manually operated Roti maker that is easily available in the market. Many well reputed brands have come up with many models of manually functioning roti makers. As they are low in price and require a little more effort compared to the others, it is an affordable choice. The process of preparing a roti using these includes kneading the dough to obtain extra soft dough portions. These are pressed into thin plates between the heated lid and pan of the device, where it puffs on reaching its maximum temperature within instants.

Automated Roti Maker :

This roti maker is a new addition to the smart world that is filled with smart gadgets. The appliance is equipped with Artificial Intelligence and IoT. It is devised to upgrade and autocorrect its duties as per specifications. It is the size of an ordinary microwave and can comfortably fit into a home kitchen. The method of making a flawlessly baked roti using this automatic roti maker is easy. All you have to do is pour the components and activate a few functions. This device will dish out wholesome rotis for you in less than 2 minutes. Unlike other variants, this type of roti maker is mostly expensive and hard to find. 

Semi-automatic Roti Maker :

Semi-automatic or fully automatic modifications of roti makers are highly recommended as well. Few of them require individual supervision and involvement that varies from minimum to ordinary. 

Nevertheless, these semi-automatic or automatic roti makers are large in size and also weigh heavy. They are often found in places where the production of rotis is in larger quantities. These appliances are designed to roll out hundreds of rotis within an hour and are used in popular restaurants. Hence, these roti makers will not fit into a home kitchen as they are bulky and may be too costly to suit the purpose.

Benefits of a Roti Maker

  • By using a roti maker, you can get perfect round shaped and well cooked rotis. 
  • The roti maker can be used to heat up other types of roti too. 
  • A lot of your time and effort can be saved using the device. 
  • The pans are non sticky, which is the best part as you do not have to use any oil, and you can enjoy oil-free rotis. This is a good option for weight loss. 
  • You can make 2 to 3 rotis in under a minute. 
  • The rotis made using the roti maker are evenly cooked and are easy to digest. 
  • Roti maker requires less workforce in the making process, which is a suitable capacity in an electronic machine. It surely is very efficient and does make several rotis in a short time. 
  • Roti maker is one of the easiest devices to use, and also it is not that heavy, and anyone can operate it with ease. It is compact and can simply be carried and stored in a safe place. All that is required to be done is to freshly add the mixed dough, heat it evenly, and enjoy the delicious rotis. 
  • Not only is the process of making rotis is effortless, but the cleaning and maintaining process of the roti maker is easy too. The appliance is quick and very easy to clean and needs very less time. 
  • As the device consumes very little electricity and doesn’t need any other power source it saves gas. 
  • You must think that the roti makes must cost a lot of money, but we are here to tell you that it is not true. Make sure that you don’t end up purchasing one that is too expensive or too cheap. In reality, roti makers are very affordable, and if you choose the right brand they will also provide you with a warranty. 
  • A roti maker of a good and established brand always comes with a shockproof feature that prevents any kind of shock accident. It is safe to use and works very well for you and your family. 
  • One thing you should never forget about is hygiene. Roti maker is very clean and hygienic to use as it is also easy to clean.

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