Common Kitchen Accidents and How to Prevent Them.

kitchen safety

A well-planned kitchen has to be well organised, efficient and safe to cook. It is a room filled with heavy appliances, electronics and sharp objects, and you are much prone to accidents. You apparently dont recognise it, but the kitchen is the most hazardous room in the house. 

It is also usually the most complicated room at your home because you combine gas, water, electricity and people in one space. 

These are a few common Kitchen Accidents that occur regularly;


Do not leave food ignored while it is cooking. We know that you might have to juggle doing things together, but leaving food on the stove while its cooking can cause you a lot of trouble. 

Even if you have other work to do, make sure to check back often to keep the food from burning or causing any mishaps. Furthermore, be careful regarding where the handles of the pots are and learn that small hands can catch fire easily as well. 


You might have cut your fingers often while slicing and chopping vegetables. Knives are way more harmful than they seem to be. If you are a trained chef, it is definitely easy for you to excel in this field. If not, you have to be careful and slice through vegetables and fruits slowly. 

Always use a dry and clean chopping board to avoid these mistakes that cause accidents. Pay attention and be cautious while using sharp objects.


Burns are one of the most common kitchen accidents that occur pretty often. You might have come across this while picking up hot pots from the oven or the cooktop. There is no sensible reason for you to touch something thats hovering about several hundred degrees, but many of us have done it. Several other burns occur, either putting something in or getting it out of the oven or a hot pan. You should always use gloves or napkins to handle hot objects. 

Spilling hot water

Spilling hot water happens quite often, and it is an avoidable accident. It is a silly mistake not to pay attention to a boiling pot of water; you might knock over it and spill it all over the kitchen and yourself. 

Seldom its the issue of a handle thats left crooked, and at times its an elbow bumping into something. Both ways, spilling hot water on yourself is a silly accident that can do a considerable amount of harm.

How to prevent Kitchen Accidents?

Secure Fire Safety

Ensure that flammable components such as paper, plastic or aerosols must never be placed far away from the stove. Your kitchen has to be well ventilated and have an exhaust fan or a chimney, and never leave the food cooking on the stove unattended. 

Gas leakages can be very harmful and cause a lot of damage to prevent them by closing the LPG or PNG gas valve when you leave home or are done with cooking for the day. Always have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen for emergencies, or you could also make use of baking soda. Make sure you place them close so that they can easily be reached. Baking soda also works as a fire suppressant that can control the spread of fire. 

Watch the Floor 

Using anti-skid tiles or matte finish flooring can avoid a slippery surface when you drop any liquid on the floor. Wipe the floor as soon as the liquid spills to make sure that no one slips. Also, cleaning it quickly prevents stains. 

Use the Knife With Care

Make sure to use a decent, stable chopping board to cut vegetables and fruits; use a sharp knife to slice them. Blunt blades can slip away and cut your fingers. 

Also, place the knives in a safe place so that the sharp edges do not harm anyone. Make sure you do not store them in a draw or along with the other utensils. Moreover, use knives according to their functions of slicing. Knives and other blades should be washed individually and dry in a safe place. 

Prevent Falls

You can place the everyday used crockery nearby so that it is easy for you to locate it and reach it too. Avoid using a stool or a chair to climb up and gather things in the overhead cabinets, and do not step up on the countertop to access any cabinets as you can fall and injure yourself. Use the top cabinets to store the items that you do not use regularly. 

Ensure Child protection

Keep sharp knives, forks and other sharp objects out of reach from children. These objects should not be accessible by kids, so do not place them anywhere near the countertop or misplace them. 

Any fragile items, such as glass, ceramic or other delicate objects, are best placed at higher cabinets, as the kids can not reach them easily. Also, they can break easily, and the sharp pieces can injure the children and others too. 

Food Safety

Food safety is an essential aspect in the kitchen; there has to be proper storage, be well handled when preparing food as it is the key to your health. Make sure to check your kitchen often and get rid of the ingredients that are expired. 

Be Cautious While Frying

You have to be very careful while frying as it causes intense injuries and burns. Ensure to use gloves when handling a hot vessel or when you take food out of the microwave. 

Pay attention when dealing with hot oil and, do not get distracted while dropping any food into the oil. Carelessness in such cases can lead to severe burns and blisters. Always use a potholder when you hold something hot, and make sure that your hands are dry to get a better grip. 

Avoid Injuries

Regularly close the lower and overhead cabinets to avoid hitting your head or tripping over the cabinet door. 

A well-designed kitchen can help decrease accidents. Think about how people will enter and leave the kitchen and keep it safe for them. 

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