House Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning Tips

A clean house can always brighten your mood. Although it can be a fuss, it always provides you with a pleasant atmosphere. 

Here are a few easy tips for you to clean your house;

Get rid of fingerprints on walls with bread.

Greasy fingerprints look really odd on your walls, and you might have tried many ways to get rid of them. We are here with a simplistic solution that can work wonders. Rather than tossing the old slices of bread or the end pieces, you can use them to rub off the greasy fingerprint stains from the walls or even wallpapers. 

The spongy bread is an excellent absorbent of dirt and stains, which means that it can easily erase the smudges on your wall. You can also use bread to pick up the broken glass pieces that way, you will not harm yourself and clear all the tiny glass pieces.

Clean dirty jewellery with Baking soda and Aluminium foil

Jewellery is attractive, and it is definitely hard to maintain. Silver naturally tarnishes because of air; it gives it a dull look. It needs to be regularly cleaned to have it look as new as ever. We know that spending a fortune on products that clean jewellery is a waste of money. Aluminium foil and baking soda can remove the tarnished layer of silver and bring it back to life. 

All you have to do is take a large bowl, foil it up with aluminium and place the silver items. Pour in some boiling water covering up the silver, and add a few tablespoons of baking soda; allow it to soak for half an hour. Rinse it up and clean it well with the help of a cloth. 

There you go! You have perfectly shining jewellery. 

Shine your screens using coffee filters. 

Were sure you would love to give your television screens and mirrors a sharp look. The blotting paper helps in that case. The filters you use to make your coffee are the best cleaning agents for your screens. 

The filter catches the dust and cuts the static on your television screen without leaving any unwanted fibres and lint behind. You can use them to clean laptops, tablets and phones too. 

Bathtub and Sink smudges with Salt and Grapefruit

Grapefruit and salt are excellent cleaning agents, which are really effective to get rid of stains in your bathtub and sinks. It does not cost you much and can make your bathroom spotless. 

Stubborn stains such as bathtub rings, grim stains and smudges on the sink are not appreciated in any household. A gentle scrub using the mixture of grapefruit and salt can get rid of all the spots and tough stains. Your bathroom will have a great fragrance after the process. 

All you have to do is slice up a grapefruit and coat it with salt. Sprinkle salt on the stain as well. Use the grapefruit to scrub up the stains; the citric juice and salt will whip up all the spots and give your bathroom a brand new appearance. 

Coca-cola removes tough spots. 

Cola is best known to get rid of rust, but it can also be used to get rid of tough stains in your house. Cola contains carbonic and phosphoric acid, which is very effective as a cleaning agent. 

You can use cola to clean your toilet. Just use a bottle of cola and a toilet brush. Pour the cola around the pot, and after an hour of soaking, use the toilet brush to scrub it and finally flush it. 

Dazzle your couch with Baking soda

The couch is the main attraction in your living room. Baking soda is an excellent absorbent; it can get rid of the lingering smell. It will give your couch a fragrant scent. 

Firstly, brush your couch and remove all the dirt and waste; you can use a vacuum cleaner for it. Dust some baking soda on some areas and let it sit around for half an hour, and then vacuum the baking soda again. 

Get rid of hair from the carpet using a Squeegee.

Hair on the carpet is one of the most difficult things to get rid of. Vacuuming does not help remove all the hair, but a squeegee is the best device you can use to scrape all the hair off the carpet. Squeegees are in a well-built shape designed to remove dirt from tough spots. 

Pets shred a lot of hair, and squeegee will come in handy at times like these. 

Clean Baseboards with dryer sheets

Even after being used, dryer sheets are always an effective tool to clean your house. Running a dryer sheet on your baseboards will help resist dust while giving your room a fragrance like fresh laundry. 

You can also use them to get rid of the dust from the curtains, mirrors, chandeliers and lights. 

Eliminate faucet and steel stains using lemon and salt.

Hard water can leave tough spots and stains on surfaces of stainless steel and on faucets if you leave it for too long. Lemon and salt are good cleaning agents to get rid of such tough stains. 

Cleaning the stainless steel surfaces with lemon is a great way to remove the spots; the citric acid will help cut through the stains and leave the room smelling delicious and lemony. The salt creates a scrubbing formula and will turn your faucet look brand new. 

You will have to slice the lemon in half and add salt to it. Clean the faucet using the lemon and wash it with warm water. 

Clean your glass and mirrors using vinegar and newspaper

Using clothes to clean mirrors and glasses can leave bits of lint, smudges and streaks on it. You can always use a newspaper as it has a very dense texture, and it cleans the glasses really well.

Use a mixture of water and vinegar, spray it on the glass and use the newspaper to clean it up. And there you have it, a spotless mirror!

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