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Colour Combinations for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet

The kitchen is one of the most significant rooms in the Indian household. Everyone in the house enjoys being in the space to eat or to cook. Indians always love a classic makeover in the kitchen. Shades of white are neat, sharp, clean, and even experts would recognise that it is a no-brainer. 

We want you to know that colour can be your kitchen’s only friend, carefully highlighting the interiors and details or adding life to the classic cabinetry. It can bring out a new feel to space. Mix two colours on your kitchen furniture, and you’ll have a more personally inspired kitchen. 

Picking a kitchen cabinet colour combination is a tough enough job, but picking two good colours to compliment each other is absolutely worrying. You can choose bold, neutral or some trendy colours to match your personal choice. You can also opt for the vintage colour combinations that never go out of style. You have endless options to pick from, and we are here to help you with just that!

Colours can improve the whole feeling of the place. Even lighting up just one area of an island with a refreshing colour can be an exceptional mood-booster. Blend two colours on your furniture, and you’re on your way to a particular look that will stand out. So snap out of the white-and-brown zone and let colours run the room. 

Here are a few colour combinations that will brighten up your kitchen;

Nephrite Jade and Buttermilk

Nephrite jade is a rich green colour that goes really well with buttermilk shade. It gives your kitchen a farmhouse look you can add in pieces of beneficial furniture. These colours are soft and pleasing to your eyes and highlight the far away cabinets. You can also use a few other mild hues on the cooktop and panels. The colours will perfectly fit into your kitchen.

Perriwinkle and Bumblebee Yellow

Bumblebee yellow is the brightest of yellows and boosts the brightness set against the calming blue in your kitchen. You can use the Perriwinkle blue colour on the open shelves as it adds depth to the kitchen. A few strokes of white in the corners will separate the yellow cabinets from the blue racks. If your kitchen is well ventilated and has abundant natural light, this is a great colour combination for your kitchen. 

Pale Blue Gray and Greenish Blue

This colour combination adds a zing to your kitchen without shadowing the other aspects of the room. You can colour the cabinets Pale Blue Grey colour before painting the countertop in a Greenish Blue colour. This will add a natural touch to your kitchen and also provide you with a sense of serenity. Both the colours get along with each other. 

Sea and Sky

Using two shades of the same colour will add a pleasant atmosphere and tranquillity to your kitchen. The backsplash and the island in sea blue colour and cabinets of the sky blue colour will suit quite well. All the steel appliances will reflect the colours and bring out the liveliness of the kitchen. 

Hot Red and Pastel Yellow

This is definitely a punchy and happening combination that will sit very well in your kitchen. You can use the pastel yellow colour on the panels as they do not get dirty regularly. The hot red can be used to colour the cabinets. 

A bright colour wallpaper will make the hot red and the yellow pop out even more. A rich mahogany countertop will fit right into this colour combination.  

White and Deep Aqua

If you colour the whole kitchen in White, it will give the room a very dull look and blur its details. White with Deep Aqua Blue adds a serene atmosphere to the kitchen. 

You can colour the cabinet doors with Deep Aqua Blue and use White for all the other surfaces. The exposed edges of the cabinets add character to space.  

Lime Green and Lemon Yellow 

Both these colours are very vibrant and bright. Here the bright green meets the sunny yellow and gives it a very cheerful appearance. You can also add a multi color backsplash which will bring the colours together. Light wood furniture and dark granite countertops will go great with this colour combination. 

Orange and Grey

Grey is a changeable colour; it has the hues of both blue and grey. It is a colour that can stand alone and look classic, but the colour that brings out the liveliness of grey is orange. 

The fiery orange on the cabinets and the hint of grey on the walls add brightness to the kitchen. The back of the shelves also can be coloured in grey. 

Deep Blue and Light Blue

Shades of blue in a kitchen go pretty well together. Deep blue cabinets will be highlighted with a light blue background. The blue contrast will add a charm to your kitchen. The deeper shades on the cabinets, drawers and door front give it a classic look. 

Red and Black

Black and red both are very intense colours that go well when used in proper proportions. Red countertops and black cabinets are perfect together. As the black fades into the shadows, it will show off the red colour island in the centre of the kitchen. You can use a mild coloured backsplash to cut down the intense colours. 

Light Green and Off White

The kitchen island in leafy green colour with off white coloured cabinets is an excellent combination. You can add hints of green on your shelves and make them look natural and calming. Your eyes will easily find the room pleasing and travel the room with ease. The backsplash of either colour will add a character to your room. 

Shed Red and Leafy Green

Red and green are the two classic colours that are a great combination for any room. The kitchen is one among them; red cabinets and green background fit in really well. You can use wooden finishes on the ceiling, floor and island. 

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