Treats to make for Children’s day

Childersn's day

As Children’s day is celebrated for kids, delicious and lip-smacking food for them are necessary. This article brings some lip-smacking and sumptuous food items that children love to eat and are also wholesome for them. 

Here are a few delicious dishes you can cook for your kids this Children’s Day!

Chocolate Waffles

Filled with the goodness of chocolate, Waffles is a perfect kids breakfast. It is made using basic ingredients like milk, flour, eggs and chocolate syrup. This appetizing dish can be paired with vanilla ice cream, and it will have a divine taste!


Pasta is one of the famous Italian dishes that you can make with a variety of sauces. Homemade pasta is delicious and creamy when tossed in fresh ingredients such as baby corn, bell peppers and mushrooms. Children totally love pasta, and so do adults, so the pasta will be a winner in your house. 


All age groups love having burgers, especially children. Burger buns, cheese and a patty, what could go wrong with this dish? It is the best snack you can give your children on this special day. Try making an easy burger at home and enjoy it with your kids.

Cheese Sticks

Cheese sticks are the best appetizers to serve your kids. You can make them using mozzarella cheese, Italian herbs, all-purpose flour, and bread crumbs. It is heavenly sumptuous. Cheese Sticks will surely improve and satisfy your cheesy cravings. 

Sponge Cake

Preparing a delicious sponge cake is the best way to impress your children! You can definitely find an easy recipe to make the best cake possible. Loaded with wholesome yoghurt, vanilla essence, cocoa powder, butter, and flour.

Chocolate Brownie

Brownies are easy to make desserts that you can prepare for your kids in a short period. You need a few ingredients to cook this mouth-watering brownie, such as cocoa powder, milk, butter, powdered sugar, yoghurt, baking soda, vanilla essence, and dry fruits. Try chocolate bronies and enjoy them with your kids and family members!

​Cheese Pizza

Cheese pizza has become the new comfort food. It is a great idea to prepare your childs pizzas at home because you can control the quality of the components that go into them. Cheese Pizza is easy and is very tasty. 


Fries is a pleasant snack recipe that your kids are going to enjoy! You can also make Cheesy fries using French fries, cheese and gravy.

Finger Pizza

Finger pizza is a delicious snack, unlike traditional pizza. Kids prefer to devour snacks as they are easy to digest. Children will love having finger pizzas as they are incredibly tasty.

Popcorn Balls

Popcorn balls are an appealing and tasty snack that is simple to make and generally loved by kids. Children can eat them more in number and still not feel heavy. 

Cheesy mouthfuls
Cheesy mouthfuls are just mouth-watering and welcoming, and children enjoy this cheese immensely. Make your kids feel extraordinary on this Childrens Day by cooking some yummy bites for them to relish.

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