6 Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

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Small kitchens are easy to remodel and renovate. Design your kitchen with all your creative ideas and turn your small kitchen into a luxurious cooking space. You can slowly start to afford items for your kitchen one by one and complete the aesthetics, and it would not be pricey all at once. You will come across several design options to redesign your kitchen space. 

Here are a few small kitchen ideas that will help you; 

Add a Marine Touch 

To add an oceanic touch to your kitchen with hues of blue and green. Make your kitchen into an open-plan kitchen, and you will have an expanded space.  

Any house with a nautical themed kitchen will look great. Add a few windows and a wooden door to give it an authentic touch of marine life. If you live in the coastal areas, this would be ideal for you. 

Cottage Kitchen

It is a traditional L-shaped kitchen. It is a cosy and warm space to work in the kitchen. The space allows you to move around and have more storage around the kitchen. You can have good lighting or have windows that let in natural light. You can make it look modern with a classy colour combination of cabinets and paint. 

You can also add a metal touch to it, using brass or copper colour for the cabinet handles and vases. 

A Narrow galley kitchen

These types of kitchens are smaller but, if designed smartly, can stand out. Galley kitchens are narrow and usually involve an exterior wall. So the opposite wall is used to do all the structuring of the kitchen. You will have storage for essential appliances and less space to have a lot of people inside the kitchen, but if you are working alone, it will be easy to operate. 

Brass and Bright

Brass might be a bold colour to use for your kitchen and a little risky. You can use brass to highlight a few features in your kitchen and keep it minimal. Brass and light green colour painted cabinets will add a pop of colour to your kitchen. Black stoned countertops will go hand in hand with it. This is definitely a bold choice to opt for your kitchen. 

Divine Blue

Blue is a serene colour; you can turn most of your kitchen into a calm space by adding this colour. You can paint your kitchen cabinets with a solid shade of blue. 

Nowadays, white and lighter shades rule the kitchen; blue might be a risky but worthy choice. Creativity and a little risk can make your kitchen stand out among the rest of the rooms. If you have rich wooden cabinets, you can opt for a teal shade of blue to paint them or stick to lighter shades of blue to be sure. 

Experiment with Tiles

Tiles are perfect for any space in your kitchen. There are colourful and visually attractive tile works available for small spaces. You can opt for a simple and classy design or a vibrant design that will look great in your kitchen. Choose tiles having different colours in varying models, and pairing them with simple cabinets in your kitchen will turn it into a modern space.

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