Ways to Protect during Rain

How to protect during Rainy season

The most common problems that homeowners face are during the monsoon season. Read through to tackle a few of these problems and maintain your home, this monsoon. 

The monsoon season in India brings joy and prosperity to millions of people. We get fresh crops, kids enjoy getting drenched and play in the rain. Also, it can be very challenging to maintain your house during these times. Here are a few tips and tricks you can apply to make sure your house is well maintained. You’ll be ready to take up any challenges they bring. 

Safeguard furniture

Everyone has wooden or leather furniture at home that can easily be ruined. The moisture and dampness in the air can cause a lot of damage. Try placing your furniture away from the doors and windows. During monsoon, avoid redecorating or renovation in your house with the use of wood. Place neem leaves, cloves or camphor balls in wardrobes and cupboards. This will protect them from absorbing moisture. 

Prevent leakages

The rainwater can cause many damages if you don’t spot the leakages beforehand. The rainwater damages the walls and the roofs of your home and they can be irreparably damaged. If you do not treat the leakage spots; it can turn into a breeding wall for the fungal growth. You can take precautions by painting your home with waterproof paint coating. This will make sure that rain water doesn’t cause much damage. 

Protect doors

You must have observed that the wooden doors start to swell in the rainy and winter season. This is due to the increase of the moisture content. You can try applying oil to avoid that on the corners of your doors. You can also use sandpapers and scrubs to mend that part of your doors. Also, the handles and locks can get easily rusted in this weather due to moisture. 

Maintenance of locks

We only worry about locks when they are no longer functioning. We need to make a note that the changing weather can also affect the locks and cause malfunctions. You need to check the locks every other month to make sure they are maintained well. Many oils and sprays are available to operate it smoothly and remove all the collected dust. Use a damp cloth to clean the locks. 

Check the windows

If not maintained properly, the windows on our house can lead to water damage. Windows are the most exposed to light, rain and dirt. You can change the window frame to UPVC which is, Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. It prevents moisture and rainwater, and keeps the window clean and damage free. 

Indoor atmosphere

It is necessary to have a lot of light and air in your house. Lack of natural light and air can create a gloomy atmosphere inside your house. Leakages also cause damage to the interiors of your house. Make sure to keep your house well-ventilated and welcome fresh air in your house. Keep your doors and windows open in the morning for sunlight to get in. Use bright and attractive colours to decorate your house such as yellow, red, orange and many more.

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