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As a Rallison Appliances Distributor, you will exclusively deal with us. Rallison Appliances is one of the best appliance brands in Karnataka.

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Rallison Appliance Pvt Ltd. has been around since 2002 and has built a synonymous name with excellence and innovation. 

We guarantee an exceptional level of class and efficiency, all the appliance parts in our products are manufactured in the Kumbalgodu factory, located in Bangalore.

We are here to offer you the distributorship at Rallison Appliances. Our company has been on the market for several years and has been expanding to achieve new horizons ever since. 

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You can start by investing 10 lakh rupees up to 25 lakh rupees, and you can also take on the 2 decades legacy forward with us. 

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We will provide you with Lifetime service, and also a Sales executive. This will help you earn money and also popularize the brand. Rallison Appliances guarantees to stand by you with every step you choose to take. 


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Rallison Appliances has been a reliable and loved brand for several years. The innovation, quality and commitment that we have put together have been built into each of our appliances too. 
Rallison Appliances Established in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, in 2002, Mr Mohanlal Jain founded the company with the extraordinary experience of more than 4 decades. From the very beginning, the company was characterized by its developing ideas, innovative product solutions, and its use of the latest technical advancements, which Mr Mohanlal Jain was able to transform into commercial products.
The potential of new market segments, entering the kitchen and household appliances segment was soon realized by Mr Mohanlal Jain in 2002. He came up with a wide variety of appliances. Simultaneously, he started a series of production of Stainless Steel Gas Stoves. This placed the foundations for two product lines that have continued to be the core segments for Rallison Appliances to this day.
Mohanlal Jain promptly set about knowing the nook and corner of the company and expanding its product ranges. The company obtained a rapid succession of local and national awards for its appliances.
Rallison Appliances grew famous as an appliance brand, among the first companies to bring ‘good design’ to the mass market.
Rallison Appliances has distributor networks all across Pan India, exporting our products to Sri Lanka, Kenya, UAE, Nepal, Bangladesh, Qatar, and diverse other countries.
We have extensive knowledge in the field of appliances and kitchen products and expert insight in producing a high-quality product that the clients expect from us.  
The progress of the Rallison Appliances has been proven for two decades now. It is a worked, tested and trusted company model, which means you don’t have to do any experiments with your money. Read the guidelines and make a profit for yourself. 
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